Zac Brown Band Tour 2016

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The Great American Road Trip

The ZBB Great American Road Trip Tour Schedule 2016

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Zac Brown Band Tour is underway

Are you prepared to see some of country greatest living legends? Zac Brown Band’s tour has already begun. The Georgian boys should arrive at your hometown any day now. Get your tickets on time and wait for the big night.

Whenever you hear ZBB announce their new shows, you must feel the same way as most of us do – excited. Why?

The “Black Out The Sun” Road Trip

The country music band performed in front of more than 1.3 million fans during 2013. When they announced The Great American Road Trip in April, million people got excited for the news. Most of these people have already attended a live concert, but they will attend another one when the group visits their place. There is a simple, yet fascinating explanation for this phenomenon. Nobody can predict what’s going to happen at a ZBB live show. Not even their greatest fans. The boys, especially the leading vocalist Zac Brown, like to keep the audience guessing and often surprise them with a previously unperformed music piece.

Furthermore, those who have been to their nearly-sold-out shows know that the band is changing the set list from show to show, thus offering a unique show for every new audience. This element makes people come to their shows year after year and love every one of them. Every concert is capable to leave an audience ecstatic. They really know how to make an audience happy.

The tour dates will include acoustic and electric live versions of the band’s songs. However, the band is also known for their covers. When you see them in a live show, you can expect to hear legendary songs performed by the incredible Brown. The lead vocalist is the thing that makes it so special. He is capable of performing almost any song and making the listener believe in it, whether is reggae tune or R&B tune. He is also a great entertainer. Brown can make the audience have fun without jumping around the stage or dancing. He will grab their attention using only his voice. He knows how to perform heart-wrenching ballads and cheer the audience afterwards.

Additionally, the latest concerts will promote the latest changes in the band’s line up. The band recently welcomed a new, eighth member in the group. Mat Mangano is joining Chris Fryar, Clay Cook, Coy Bowled, Daniel de los Reves, Jimmy De Martini, John Driskell Hopkins and Zac Brown for the first time on this tour. Mangaon is playing the bass in the band. You might recognize him from his guest performances with the band on stage and in the studio.

There is another change the band will be apply starting from this tour. John Driskell Hopkins will play guitar, baritone guitar, ukulele, upright bass, and banjo, in addition to bass. Brown announced this change with great enthusiasm, saying that “Hop is a very talented man and he can’t wait for people to see what we’ve got coming for the live show.”

Among others, this show will perform their newly released songs from their latest album, The Grohl Sessions Vol.1, produced by Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters. In addition, The Great American Road Trip will remind the audience of the greatest hits from Uncaged, You Get What Yu Give, The Foundation etc. Of course, there is always room for surprises, so we might see something more unexpected, too.

From their foundation, they have sold more than 6 million copies and had series of eleven #1 hit singles. Overall, they have recorded five studio albums, among which three of them are platinum-selling. In addition, they have earned 55 award nominations for the Grammys, Academy of Country Music, American Music Awards, Country Music Association, and Country Music Television since 2009. They have won three Grammy awards.

The ZBB history

Zac Brown formed the band in 2002. Back then, it consisted only of Brown, a drummer and a bass guitarist. However, even then they were busy touring the country and working on new songs. Now, the band consists of eight members, but they continue to work hard and manage to find time for creating original songs. Nonetheless, their hard work has been paying off. They worked their way through their original songs and covers.

The Zac Brown Band has been nominated for 55 Grammy Awards since 2009 and they have won 8.

They announced their 2016 tour which they are on right now, and their opening act being Kasey Musgraves.

Zac Brown and band also supports the “Little Kids Rock,” a non profit foundation in which they donate items for the less fortunate, poverty stricken population of children to support them and the under privileged schools for the children to have hope and gain the foundation for playing instruments and learning music abilities.

Some reviews from the fans state the following and almost all rate their experience a 5, on a scale from 1-5, 5 being the BEST!

“Amazing Talent!” “Totally Awesome!” “They are such an Amazing Talent and I haven’t seen talent like this, ever!” “A Fun Blast For the Whole Family.” “Kept me highly entertained!” ” I will definitely see them again, and again!”

Come see for yourself, all the abundant talent, excellent music, and fun times to be had when you come to see the Zac Brown Band perform live in a town near you.

The 2016 tour of the Zac Brown Band will start soon!

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